Volunteer Code of Conduct

A Code of Conduct is intended to motivate and assert values to which we can aspire as

individuals and as an organization. At SickKids and Camp Oki, volunteers enhance programs

and services and assist staff in providing the finest standards of healthcare. For this reason, it is

vital that each volunteer’s service be performed professionally, cheerfully and efficiently. It is

expected that volunteers will work harmoniously with patients, their families and staff, employing

civility, responsibility, patience and respect. It reflects the expectation that all members of an

organization share in the responsibility of preserving the good name and reputation of that

organization, internally and externally.

Guiding Principles

Volunteers are to maintain a professional level of conduct, whether they are on Hospital

property, in Hospital vehicles, or at an authorized Hospital event or activity. All members of the

Hospital community are to be treated with respect and dignity. Volunteers are expected to

resolve conflict in a respectful, responsible and civilized manner, utilizing appropriate lines of


Standards of Behaviour and Dress Code

All volunteers must:


Demonstrate honesty and integrity


Treat everyone with dignity and respect at all times, and especially when there is a



Treat others fairly, regardless of their race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin,

citizenship, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or level of physical ability


Show proper care and regard for Hospital or camp property and the property of others


Take appropriate measures to help those in need


Respect and comply with applicable federal, provincial and municipal laws as would be

expected of any Canadian resident.

Dress Code

Volunteers at Camp Oki should dress appropriately for the weather conditions and for

the activities they participate in while at camp. Role modeling happens at every moment of the

day, and being a well prepared counselor will encourage proper self-care for our campers. Wear

footwear at all times. Wear a hat when participating in sunny outdoor activities and apply

sunscreen regularly. Keeping yourself comfortable and prepared is great role modeling for your

campers and peers. Carrying a knapsack for water bottles, hats, sunscreen and a raincoat will

keep you prepared for any weather. Clothes and swimwear should be appropriate for camp and

for working with campers of all ages (8yrs-17yrs). Please note that while at Camp Ooch all Oki

volunteers are asked to wear single piece, modest bathing suits.

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